New feature: Pickle’s “The Dumbest Thing I Saw All Day”

Day one: “Hustling to get stancey before Tailored and WW.”

Apparently buying an S4 Avant isn’t just for smart people anymore.

Believe me, its all downhill from here. I stole this image. Deal with it.


1. “Jesster” bought this Avant, apparently already a “full stage III”

2. Removed perfectly functional performance coilovers in favor of lesser quality “showcar coilovers” plus cash in his pocket

3. Installed a pair of hideous “racing seats”

4. Bought some ugly chrome wheels that don’t fit right

5. Got arrested for an outstanding ticket that was apparently “paid online”

The stickers look fantastic. Of course I'm kidding.

6. Coated the ugly wheels white

7. Is grinding down the calipers and the insides of wheel spokes just to get “stancey” with it

I think I speak for everyone here at Picklefest when I say that I hope he gets stancey right off the road and into a grove of elm trees. We can’t wait to see how much money he saves on tires!

So here’s looking at you, Jesster Stanceypants. We hope you make it to the shows so everyone can point and laugh in person. Thanks for reminding us that different isn’t always better.

Be sure to check Jesster’s thread for the latest updates and more pictures of his crimes against good taste!


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