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Frequently axed quesshuns:

Q: What is Picklefest?

A: Picklefest is a festival, currently in its 10th year, celebrating the immortal in human form known as Pickle. Its kinda like that movie Thor, except he doesn’t need some stupid hammer to smash shit. Also, with 100% less Natalie Portman. Pickle has expressed that he regrets her absence.


Q: What the fuck is a Jolf?

A: Some dumb shit assholes do to their Golfs. They take the front end off a Jetta and pretend its a different model because they found someone willing to “swap front ends” with them. You’ll also sometimes hear the terms JTI and Getta, and I’m sure you can probably figure out what those are.


Q: You hurt my feelings, what should I do?

A: We normally suggest not being such a sissy. Failing that, you can contact us at the address below and we’ll get back to you. Try not to let the keys on the keyboard harm your delicate skin as you type.


Q:  Are you guys for real?

A: Yeah, as serious as stage 4 colon cancer. Don’t start shit. Get it?

If your question wasn’t covered above, please contact the webmaster at:  PickleSezGFY@gmail.com


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