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Study by American University reveals that “Roll Call” posts are a cry for attention.

On July 27th, 2011 American University published the results of a long-running study on individuals who posted “Roll Call” threads on internet message boards. In virtually every case (over 96.7%), the 8,100 people surveyed over the past 4 years were found to be weak willed individuals who had a less than satisfying childhood.

“Its a cry for attention, really,” said the study’s author, Dr. Harvey Manfrengensen, “these people probably wouldn’t feel the need to make these postings if they were just given more affection as children.”

The study was performed at the Center on Non-Traditional Threats and Corruption in the University’s DC Campus. All participants were given access to a computer with internet access, and typically within a few minutes were on a message board posting something useless and annoying, most frequently formatted as a “roll call” style post.

Dr. Manfrengensen added, “It boggles the mind when you try to contemplate what must be going on in these people’s heads… Nobody cares who you are, or what you’re doing. Go play outside, or read a book… but for the sake of our future as a society, please stop making these useless posts.”